real world servitors

They have influence both in the metaverse, and the universe.

10,000 generated characters

Each one is unique

150 hand drawn traits

With over 10 different categories 

3 types of servitors

For power, Love and prosperity


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After we are fully minted we will do a giveaway on Twitter for all our Servitor handlers. We are giving away a Rolls Royce Dawn vehicle to one of our token holders. This is a sign of power from the Servitors to you, of better things to come.


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Simple. You are getting access to powerful servitors.

But what is a servitor?

Servitor – a spirit that is invoked and commanded to perform some task or service. These are the first NFTs that can be charged to perform service in the universe and the meta verse

A servitor is an autonomous entity created for a specific purpose by the act of magick, most commonly to carry out repetitive tasks, or to act as guardians. Servitors differ from extensions in that they are not necessarily attached to the aura of the creator’s energy; servants are extensions of the creator energy.

Servitors may be perceived as an extension of will, like automaton spells (see below), but they are more than automata, they are actually living beings created through willful acts of will on the part of the practioner by means of ritual or lesser magic.

They can be thought of as embodied spells.


till 100% mint
🦁 A liquidity pool will be launched to stabilize the price of Servitors. The liquidity pool comes from 5% of sales.
🦁🦁 Randomly select 11 handlers to airdrop 1 Servitor each.  11% of royalties will go to the community wallet to collect the community art and support Servitor Rising merchandise by community members.
🦁 🦁🦁 Donation to a charity fund selected by the community. Launch of official Servitors Rising Merch
🦁🦁🦁🦁 The Servitors Rising Pay to earn blockchain game will be established. @Verified @everyone UPDATE: SERVITORS RISING Giveaway- After we are fully minted we will do a giveaway on Twitter for all our Servitor handlers. We are giving away a Rolls Royce Dawn vehicle to one of our token holders. This is a sign of power from the Servitors to you, of better things to come. 🙏

Jupiterian Servitor

Jupiterian servitors are effective in the acquisition of wealth, political status and influence.


Solar servitors are effective in the acquisition and development of magical power and wisdom.

Martian Servitor

Martian servitors excel in the protection and guarding of their handler. They can be extremely aggressive.

ultra rare master servitors
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For each group of attributes some traits are much rarer than others. We recommend that you hold your Servitors until the collection is sold out, at which time we will release all rarity data. There may even be some big surprises! We would hate to see you sell a rare and powerful servitor accidentally:)


The grand council initially vested with the responsibility of enlightening and gifting humanity with the servitors.

Magus Lyon

Magister Templi

Creative and Working Magickian


Chief Adept



Adeptus Major



Adeptus Minor



Most frequent questions and answers

AI randomly generated SERVITORS from over 150 traits, including attire, accessories, expressions, and many more. All traits were hand-drawn by the visionary Magus Lyon who is also an author of several magical books.

You can buy a SERVITOR during the flash presale in December and the public sale in January. They are available on the Polygon Network and cost of mint is only 160 Matic per servitor. Maximum 20 Servitors per purchaser. If you are lucky enough to get on the whitelist for the presale launch, then you could purchase one then as well.  Nevertheless, after the public sale, you can buy a SERVITOR in the secondary market on OpenSea

Every SERVITOR can be named privately by you and charged magically by using an affirmation. Remember they were drawn by Magus Lyon, a practicing grey magician. Instructions on how to charge them will be provided after the public mint. Charging them for the purpose of service is entirely optional and up to you the purchaser. Check out MAGUSLYON  for more information on magical work with the servitors